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Volunteer opportunities are limited.

Are you available?
Our amazing volunteers leave little space to fill! 

The commitment of our community is unparalleled!  So many volunteers make this food center operate every day!  As of this moment, we are not able to accommodate any more volunteers on a regular basis.  Some days, we need volunteers to help close up (between 2:30pm-4pm).  If you have a flexible schedule and this time slot works for you, please contact us at:

Our volunteers are valuable.

Upon arriving at Harvest from the Heart, we ask our volunteers to log in from our on-site software Pantry Saver.  Keeping track of volunteer hours not only highlights the value of our volunteers but also allows us access to additional funding opportunities.

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Did you know? 
Independent Sector determined that the estimated value of a volunteer hour in the United States reached $28.54 in 2020,  up from $27.20 in 2019.

The same software that keeps track of the food donated as well as the food that leaves with our guests also lets our volunteers check in and out.

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