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Thank you for your help.

Due to overwhelming support, our volunteer sign-ups are full!  There are occasional times that open up.  If you are interested, please email for more information.

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Sign up times are available!

We are currently in desperate need of volunteers on Thursdays and Fridays.  If you are available, please sign-up below and we will see you in the Food Center!

Bi-Lingual Volunteers


Did you know? 
Over 65% of our guests speak Spanish as their primary language.


Although Harvest of the Heart employs multiple full-time staff to accommodate the language needs of our guests, volunteers who speak both Spanish and English go a long way in making everyone feel welcome in this space.

Did you know? 
Over 90% of our food is rescued from stores that would otherwise throw it away.


Many retail distributors dispose of a carton of eggs if even just one of them is damaged.  We rescue these items, clean them up and make them available to the community.  These amazing Food Center volunteers do a lot of lifting and a lot of composting.

Food Rescue Volunteers


Are you available?
We are looking for volunteers to transport food from our partners to the Food Center.

Do you have some free time and a large vehicle?  Our list of partners is growing!  We are in need of a few spectacular volunteers who can make weekly pick-ups from retailers like Target, Trader Joe's and Kowalski's.

Our volunteers are valuable.

Upon arriving at Harvest from the Heart, we ask our volunteers to log in from our on-site software Pantry Saver.  Keeping track of volunteer hours not only highlights the value of our volunteers but also allows us access to additional funding opportunities.

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Did you know? 
Independent Sector determined that the estimated value of a volunteer hour in the United States reached $28.54 in 2020,  up from $27.20 in 2019.

The same software that keeps track of the food donated as well as the food that leaves with our guests also lets our volunteers check in and out.

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